Our Global Sourcing Services are exclusively designed for Indian companies expanding to the UK, USA, Europe, GCC, and the Asia Pacific region. We help you recruit industry-specific professionals in the country of your offshore company, with fast turnaround times. Focus on what you do best whilst we find the right people for you! 48 hours is all it takes us to present you with a shortlist of potential local talent.

Over the years we have serviced multinational companies with operations around the world by identifying, assessing, and shortlisting local candidates with the required expertise and qualifications.

We are specialists in Finance & Accountancy, IT, Business Intelligence & Data, Human Resources, Procurement & Supply Chain, and Operations recruitment and executive search for global organisations. We assume the role of a strategic partner to your business and manage the recruitment processes of middle management to leadership and executive roles, globally.

With an extensive global network and experience in the recruitment space as our strong suits, we excel in connecting potential local candidates with global companies, to ensure the effective and productive continuity of your new business.

Once fully briefed by a client organisation, we deliver a thoroughly screened shortlist within the mutually agreed period. We also ensure that the shortlisted candidates not only excel in the required technical skills but are also the right cultural and personality fit for your organisation.

As your representative, we conduct competency-based interviews and collate references on behalf of the shortlisted candidates. Besides these, our Global Talent Sourcing Services include career consultations to potential employees to ensure both their career aspirations and your company’s business goals are in sync. In the long run, this guarantees the satisfaction of all parties, contributes towards your employee retention rates, minimises business disruptions, and creates a congenial and productive work environment for everyone.