With almost two decades of experience in India’s recruitment and executive search space, we are uniquely positioned to place top leaders in the best companies around the country. We have just one goal: To improve business success. To this end, we help organisations discover and invest in what matters the most: people.

Our executive search and recruitment services focus on senior executive, board, and C-Suite appointments. Our search begins with thoroughly understanding each client’s strategic, financial, and operational requirements to discover and deliver leadership personnel that are best suited to propel organisations towards business excellence.

We also consult to companies to position themselves to attract best-in-class leadership talent. Our search and recruitment process is designed to identify and assess C-Suite professionals that are not only in sync with your organisation’s culture and business objectives, but also able to adapt to the company’s aspirations, build resilient teams and motivate them to work towards its vision.

Our team of executive recruitment consultants is known for its fast turn-around times and best-fit placements. Supported by meticulous market intelligence, dynamic industry knowledge, and connections with premium professional networks built over decades, the team is constantly on the lookout for exceptional leadership talent.

Our focus when recruiting CFOs, CMOs, CEOs, and COOs for companies is on selecting candidates whose values and vision align with the company and the brand and whose skill set is honed to strategically develop the future of the business.

We don’t wait around for applicants to find us, we also actively headhunt to recruit C-suite professionals and Board members of the highest calibre. As a representative of your organisation, we take on the responsibility of assessing, shortlisting, and submitting only the finest candidates which drastically saves your HR managers time and energy, and your company, money.
We also promise confidentiality through every step of the way and a customised candidate selection process that includes personalised communication with potential candidates.

Over the years we have successfully recruited top-level executives for a range of industries and business models including multinationals, start-ups, and SMEs. Partner with us to discover the best people to lead your company towards its goals.